Nathan Leigh Jones

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I explore emotion using music, speech and thought.

Voice Over

My voice has been heard by millions of people each day.

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I'm an award-winning singer, songwriter and producer.

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I'm currently working on my PhD in mood and emotion.

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I'm Nathan Leigh Jones. (Yep, my middle name often makes an appearance.) I love people, and am fascinated by what makes them tick.

I have a background in music and voice over, along with a deep interest in human emotion.

I’ve talked about my insights with The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, ABC Radio, Channel 9 and Sirius XM.

I’m currently researching the effects of music on emotion, and envision a world where music can truly become our medicine.


Talking it up.

Over the past decade, I've been the voice of these media networks.

Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.
M. Kuhn

I was always a shy kid. Speaking up has been a lifelong struggle.

After working for thousands of brands as a professional voice artist, I came to understand the foundations of effective communication.

I believe our voice is our most powerful asset, and that we all have a deep need to be truly heard.


Work with me.

Currently, I'm open for business in three areas.

Voice Over

My voice can inject passion and authenticity into your next project.



I can speak at your next event to help train and inspire your team.



Together, we can take your communication skills to the next level.


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Just a thought.

Here are some of my latest musings about the world around me and the universe within.


Why I gave up on music

Music knew where I was. Music decided to find me. I found myself in music.

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I understand if you vote ‘no’ against same-sex marriage

An open letter, with an open heart, to my Australian brothers and sisters.

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